Magic Force Field - Mosquito Repellent

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Magic Force Field 

You hate mosquitoes so much because:

  • They bite and make you itch like crazy for days.
  • They buzz in your ear when you're trying to sleep.
  • You dread the thought of going to parks or even your own backyard for fear of having to spend the entire time swatting them away from you
  • You keep the kids inside because they are just mosquito happy meals when they go out.

Introducing, Magic Force Field by Teba. Powerful all natural oil based mosquito repellent that also softens your skin, with a pleasant scent. Already got bit before you applied your Magic Force Field? Don't worry, it even relieves the itching from bug bites. Just apply the oil to the bite area to relieve the itching. 

Quality, safety, and comfort are your priorities. Magic Force Field makes any experience where bugs out number people, much more enjoyable. Live in an area where mosquitoes are a common problem, and this is a MUST have. The combination of powerful protection and a pleasant scent lets you spend less time swatting bugs and more time relaxing in your element. 


  •  Each box contains a set of 3 bottles. Keep one in the house, one in the car, and one in your bag. Conveniently sized for travel and storage.
  • 10 ml stainless steel roll-on bottles for quick and easy application on yourself or a squirmy child.
  • High quality amber glass bottles protects the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the essential oils from sun damage and deterioration
  • Handmade with Jojoba Oil, Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Best used on skin to repel mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, and other biting or stinging insects.


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